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Teal with Chaki Straps

Product Code: TP01TEAL - In Stock

Teal and Chaki strap, shoulder strap & side pockets to fit any bottle.With isothermal Thermo Hot&Cold © capability to keep your food's temperature locked inside for many hours & 2 external pockets for bottle.For work, mini walks, excursions… or anywhere else you take cold and/or hot food with you.Dimensions: L21cm x W16cm x H24cm (5lt)

  • L21cm x W16cm x H24cm (5lt)
  • MATERIAL USED Waterproof Inside
+ 5.00€ | for your loved ones
+ 5.90€ | 4 more hours of cold
Add your initials on your lunchbag

Want some Extra Chill?

A waterproof inner case in dark blue color bundled with an ice pack, suitable for all The Lunchbags.

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